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    This is not a public business / sharehouse. This is a private city house limited room-mates/people allowed on property. We are friendly, helful and socialble / family oriented.

    If this is no you, this is not the place for you. We are security and safety first.

  • Why stay with us?

    It's different for each person, some come for cheap rent though many come to make new friends and enjoy the social aspect.

    Here obviously everything is shared, this creates an environment where people learn to live with different cultures and ideas.

  • Where are our guests mainly from?

    This really depends on the season and global economy. A few years back there used to be many Japanese in Cairns, now other Asian countries such as Korea and Taiwan are visiting Cairns much more. Recently we have also seen an increase in Brazilian tourists in Cairns.

    Europeans such as Italian, French, German have always been a large part of the tourist traffic in Cairns. At our house we try to keep a balance between cultures.

  • Things to do in Cairns

    There is a large list of things to do in Cairns and we would only be happy to help you decide what to do.

    I am sure your house mates will also show you things to do. We sometimes group up and go out together.

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Behana Gorge

It's not on the tourist map though it's a favorite spot for many locals. We sometimes pool together and go on the weekend. You are welcome to join. The hike is about 30 minutes though you won't be disappointed when you get there!


House Highlights

Here are some things we believe creates a good house. We strive on making this short term accommodation slash sharehouse the best in Cairns.

Make the house So we choose good ones
Our house is always Kept tidy
Less money on rent More on fun
A safe environment To enjoy
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Great Barrier Reef

Apart from the great weather, the Great Barrier Reef is why travelers come to Cairns. This world heritage listed location is home to the most abundant sea life earth has to offer. Come and enjoy diving here or become a dive master on a working holiday!

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Our house includes various
amenities for you to enjoy.

We provide everything you need to settle in, linen, kitchen utensils, cleaning equipment, large fridges and more. We sometimes also buy new things for fun such as dart boards, ping pong tables and pools.


We have a limited number of parking spaces. Please inquire about them.


Our backyard is home to large mango trees, its where we have our pool.


Relax in here at night and watch the stars or cool off during a hot summers day.


A great little place for chatting and getting to know other guests.


All rooms have air-conditioning. Please think of the environment and use them wisely.


Upstairs hallway


We have a laundry, though sadly no mum to do it for you. Of course its free, though you may or may not have to provide your own washing liquid/powder.

Wifi Internet

Our sharehouse is connected to the NBN which enables us to have four separate internet connections. One port is shared throughout the house, though you can order your own private 100 mbit fibre connection on one of the other ports.

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Rainforest River Tubing

Float down a river under the rainforest canopy and enjoy the peaceful sounds of native birds and trickling water. There are many locations around Cairns you can do this for free. All you need is something to float on.


Affordable Rent
Short Term Accommodation

$ 30 /pn
  • Single Room
  • Nightly Rates
$ 85 /pw
  • Two Person Share
  • Each Weekly
$ 125 /pw
  • Single Room
  • Weekly Rates
$ 150 /pw
  • Double Room
  • Weekly Rates
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